The New Palace Project

The newly enstooled Akwamumanhene,  Odeneho Nana Kwafo Akoto III has initiated a construction of a new Akwamuman Royal Palace and  a renovation of the existing one to accommodate other palace functions. This has become necessary to usher Akwamuman into a more respectable national and international image given the increasing rate at which the Akwamu area is attracting tourism and business investment.

The Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam as a collaborative international engineering feat and the adjacent 4-star Volta Hotel have become special tourist attraction and a venue for high level international and national  meetings and negotiations. Since both are on Akwamu land protocol requires  that official visitors pay homage to the Akwamumanhene. Akwamu as the originator of most Akan cultural festivals, boasts of a unique Odwira festival which in the past attracted large natioanl and international participation. The Odwira festival. under the new Akwamuhene is being revived and would be presented as a special celebration for both national and international participation.It is therefore  imperative that a Royal Palace befitting the dignity and honor of Akwamuman be constructed to accommodate such high level official visitors, investors and the growing community of international tourists.

A system is being developed for a well organized and transparent process of donation to the Palace Reconstruction Fund. A formal statement from the Office of the Omanhene will be made to lunch the Palace Reconstruction  Fundraising. This website offers an opportunity for on-line donation in a variety of formats. Check here later for details.

Below are pictures of the current Palace and an artist's 3-dimension rendition of the proposed new palace.