A Message from Nana Afrakoma II, the Queen Mother

In the name of the Divine Creator, Otwedeampong Nyankopong and in honor of all those great Ancestors who came before us I bring you this message of gratitude and hope for a brighter future for Akwamuman, the whole of Ghana and the rest of our human family. On behalf of the Omanhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III and the numerous branches of the Aduana Family I extend  special Royal greetings, gratitude and good wishes to the good people of Akwamuman and other citizens of Ghana and friends of Akwamuman here at home and around the world.

queenmother maskOnce again, Akwamu is rising up from its past; renewing herself to take on the challenges of building a better future of progress and prosperity in peace and unity.  This, once formidable Kingdom and a pacesetter in Ghana's checkered history, is con

As the Queenmother and therefore the mother of Akwamumma everywhere, I humbly plead to all Akwamu mma everywhere to join hands with me and our new Omanhene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III and work together to cleanse, revive, and strengthen our spiritual bedrock upon which we shall build a new Akwamuman towards peace and progress. The vision should come true and it will.fidently rising up; drawing from her past experiences of glory and bitter challenges; searching for new and efficient ways of creating sustainable living conditions for all. Putting behind the past of bitter trials and tribulations, Akwamu is now poised to face the future with faith in the Divine Creator and guided by the lessons of past failures and achievements of our predecessors she is committed to building a new  progressive prosperous and just society of which both the present generation and successive ones will cherish, protect and uphold..

God Bless Akwamuman, Mother Ghana and Mother Africa