About Akwamu


As our great Akwamu state recovers from a period of inactivity, we usher in a new era of group synergy, high energy and creativity; an era of community appreciation, productivity, abundance and dynamism.  Akwamu is reawakening, re-energizing and arising!  "Akwamu arising" is not just a cliche or an empty slogan: rather, it is a call to action by well-meaning sons and daughters who desire to bring Akwamu's legacy and prowess to the 21st century, shining, creating, blossoming and progressing!  The great people of Akwamuman are coming together again in strength and in the spirit of community to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization and technology.  Our people will not be left behind.  So join us in dreaming big again, join us in reclaiming Akwamuman's glory - the glory of an ancient empire and dynasty awaiting renewal and reaffirmation.

 In this renewed spirit, a new and comprehensive development planning proposal has been submitted to our newly enstooled chief for review and approval.  We invite you to sign up to participate in committees and focus groups, and we welcome your suggestions on how to ensure the success of this new collaborative initiative. Please see the draft proposal Akwamu Arising: Agenda for Shinning below.


Emblem & Symbols

Emblems, Flags and Symbols

Akwamu Official Emblem

      Akwamu Royal Ceremonial Swords 2
Captured Christianburg Castle Keys Mystical Cloth